Sharon Adeleke is Davido Adeleke’s big sister and in as much as she loves her brother, she seems to be overwhelmed by his fame.

Not in a bad way, she just cannot take the constant DM’s by upcoming artistes seeking to be linked to Davido.

This seems to really annoy her. She took to social media with a video to address those in her Dm saying she is not in any way a music representative of Davido or DMW.

I might be Davido’s sister but I do not get involved in anything pertaining to the business side of his music and as such. I just want people to stop sending me messages about linking her up with Davido.

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Sharon added, she will be forced to block such people yet she needs them for her business.

if the messages persist, I will be left with no option than to block the senders. I am in a meeting but I just feel the need to say this real quick. I am not A&R for DMW. Do you understand? I don’t do music, I’m not a music person. Stop sending me music, stop asking me to link you up with David, otherwise, I’ll block you. Period!

Sharon Adeleke is a successful businesswoman who owns a hair and accessories company by the name Ronawigs.

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