Tanasha Donna has exposed her bedroom bully likeness. Question is can Diamond handle it?

Diamond Platnumz has spoken about his girlfriend’s top bedroom performance skills last year when he came to Kenya for his Wasafi Festival.

Tanasha Donna Diamond
Tanasha Donna Diamond

He said the difference between Tanasha and the women he has been with before is her expertise in bed. He had also said this about Hamisa in one of his songs.

Well, the secret is out, Tanasha revealed her best s3x position while answering Diane Wanjala’s 25 questions. She said;


The position in which the man lies on his back and the woman sits on top of him facing him and rides him.

Tanasha Diamond

This could be the reason why every time the two are in public they cannot keep their hands off each other.

Impossible! Zari Hassan declares she will never get back together with Diamond

Remember the video that did rounds of Diamond kissing super model Donna after every 2 seconds and the public was irritated because well, that should be their bedroom business.

Tanasha Diamond Platnumz

Diamond is sprung and at least now we have one answer as to why.

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