Vera Sidika needs to be your inspiration when it comes to fashion.

One thing she thrives upon is she wears real designer clothes. Can we really doubt her though? Vera has made her money and she is living the best.

Of course, there has been wide discussion how she earns her coin, but to each their own. With that money, she has managed to open a salon that looks like it is doing well.

In an interview with Kiss 100, I had the privilege to go round her salon and her office and I must say this beauty has class and style. Everything in Vera’s office is imported and unique.

She credits her passion and practice as an interior designer to the cute office space and her house.

Then I stumbled upon a picture of Vera’s amazing walk-in closet and that made me believe that she is for sure a professional interior designer.

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Here is a rare picture of her closet:

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