D’banj has given us endless entertainment ever since he started the music game.

During a stage performance, he will give you nothing but full force energy. Did you see him perform during the Global Citizen concert in South Africa recently? Amazing!

However, the Oliver Twist hitmaker lost his only son a few months ago which affected him heavily.  D’banj however bounced back from the unfortunate incident though he was badly hurt.

D’banj during an end year party gave such a spectacular performance just like his fans are used to and at the end, he revealed how he was able to get through the death of his son.

He said:

I have been through tough times but I believe that’s what makes one a man. You all know what happened to me recently when I lost my son, it was really a tough time for me. But do you know how I was able to get through it? It was because of you, my fans. You showed me so much love and it really meant a lot to me and my family. It is when certain things happen to you that you will know whether you are a man or not. That incident was a test for me and I am glad that I’m still standing.

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Clearly, D’banj has love for his art and his fans at large.

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