It would seem we are not yet done with the Wendy Waeni drama. A month or so ago, her manager, Joe Mwangi, was put on blast by the young acrobat, live on Jeff Koinange Live on Citizen TV. You can read about that below:

This is the question Jeff Koinange asked that got Wendy Waeni crying

So after that happened, joe Mwangi came out to defend himself of the embezzlement accusation.

Joe Mwangi responds to claims he used Wendy Waeni for personal gains

In that article, you will read about how Joe Mwangi accused Wendy Waeni’s mother of mismanaging the funds Wendy earned thanks to his representation but when Mama Waeni responded, she denied Joe’s assertions saying,

During our trip to Rwanda, President Paul Kagame gave me Ksh.500,000 to support Wendy’s talent, I shared the money with Joe by giving him Ksh.200,000 but he still demanded for more. He received money from politicians in the name of my daughter; he got Ksh.140,000 from Raila Odinga and only gave me Ksh.30,000.”

The DCI (Directorate of Criminal Investigations) has finally taken action on the matter and through their twitter account have asked for Joe Mwangi to be arrested: