Young Joc

Fashion is clearly ruling the world right now and we don’t even have to debate about it. Clothes, shoes, and accessories are part of our everyday grooming package  and don’t forget to include makeup for the ladies.

But one thing that we can all agree on is that people are constantly creating their own clotheslines.  It’s a great thing if you ask me because the unique aspect of every line is what draws people to the outfits.


For instance, in Kenya we have countless brands which are truly amazing and actually send a message to the world as a whole.

Wouldn’t it feel great to see someone from another continent rocking a design that represents your country?

Would You Believe That Drake And Wizkid Have Never Met In Person Even After Doing Collabos?

Well, American hip-hop artiste Young Joc has made some people pretty happy. What did he do? You may ask…. Well, he was spotted wearing a sweatshirt from Mount Kenya Mafia which has a Kenyan freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi’s face on it.

Now, if you are Kenyan you will clearly understand why this is a big deal.

Check out the photo below;

Young Joc