Dennis Okari Naomi Joy

NTV news anchor Dennis Okari has made a bold statement about his much publicized nuptuals to his mystery bride, Naomi Joy.

For the longest time, he has not said anything about his new relationship to the church girl.

Nor has he given any interview about his new life.

But in a bold move, Dennis Okari posted about his new life as a married man.

Dennis and Naomi are currently enjoying their honeymoon. It is not clear where exactly but they jetted out of the country to an exotic location.

Today morning, Dennis posted a photo of him and Naomi looking all lovey dovey.

He made the photo his profile picture.

You know how they say, a photo speaks a thousand words? Well this one spoke volumes.

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Check it out below.

Dennis Okari and Naomi Joy
Dennis Okari and Naomi Joy

In a past Facebook post, Dennis also pointed out that “The enemy to your progress is comparison.”

Adding, “Stop looking at how others are running and get tempted to adjust your time or method..God is ordering your steps. He is never early or late. He makes all things beautiful in His time.”

Dennis then shared this motivational quote.

Dennis Okari quote
Dennis Okari quote

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Anyhow, netizens went wild. Here are some of their comments on the post.