Dennis Okari Naomi Joy

Dennis Okari is on his honeymoon in Malaysia with wifey, Naomi Joy.

Dennis changed strategy after critics pointed out that he was replicating his honeymoon with ex-wife, Betty Kyallo.

Their earlier plans included going to Dubai, but mid last week the plans were changed.

Now, the couple is enjoying life in Malaysia where they visited the famous Chocolate Kingdom.

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The couple will also be able to visit other facilities withing the kingdom like the Jadi Batek Gallery, enjoy the Kuala Lumpur Cultural Night Tour, Museum of Illusions and also shop at the Petronas Twin Towers.

When Dennis posted a photo of their happy times in Kuala Lumpur, not everyone was happy.

He wrote:

“Sweet toothers. When the kingdom of God meets the kingdom of chocolate #clashofthekingdoms.”

Since the trip is semi-sponsored by Bonfire Adventures, expect many photos from the newlyweds documenting their honeymoon.


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Here are some comments from his fans.

nyarkomwa: Are you doing this to hurt your baby mama? Just asking thought you kept it low relating to what happened between you and Betty, #be happy and blessed union

suzanmutts: never learn-same way you kept your wedding function on wraps i wish you can do the same to your honeymoon-🤔-ama ni ku-feelisha betty mutei kyalo???😭

_atemah: @nyarkomwa 👀👀👀👀are you that idle? It’s a Monday Morning don’t start a weak with such a negative mind.

shee_muita: Have fun. Enjoy Kabisa. As for those who feel offended..Go hug a cactus.. Enjoy your honeymoon @dennisokari.

mugambie: @nyarkomwa useless feminist…..never want to see a man happy.

aggymwaengo: @nyarkomwa Dennis has no time for that nonsense, so if u have fun you always to it to hurt ur ex?some people though!!

memoi91: 👏🏽👏🏽❤❤❤. Enjoy and ignore some of the negative energy some people need to mind their own business 💁🏽

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