Naomi Joy’s husband, Dennis Okari is content with what life has to offer despite the many downfalls in the past.

He is now a happily married man and he can not hide the joy from the pictures that have been circulating of him and his wife together, especially that time they were on their honeymoon.

Dennis Okari honeymoon
Dennis Okari with wifey, Naomi Joy on their honeymoon./ Photo: Instagram

A lot has happened in his life that went public from his failed marriage to Betty Kyallo to their separation and all the drama surrounding their little girl, Ivanna.

Betty recently addressed the matter in her show, Upclose on K24, she told Jalang’o:

“I saw Okari moved on. I’m happy for him. It was bound to happen at some point.”

Asked if he moved on too fast, Betty said, “Everyone with their own time.”

Adding that she is happy for him because, “Me, I’m killing it. I’m happy. So why wouldn’t I feel the same way for him?”

Dennis has never addressed this issue and despite it all, he is grateful to God because he is trusting the process.

Okari posted on his social media,

There are no coincidences, accidents or experiments with God. Your life is not a lab test, your situation is not a class lesson. God has thoughts concerning you right now. Only way to find out is through the Word and prayer. #BeTransformed#BeRenewed#EverythingJesus with God.

Dennis Okari and Naomi Joy
Dennis Okari and Naomi Joy

Dennis Okari just started a new chapter in his life after walking down the aisle and this time he is keeping his life as private as possible.

Now the only exciting stuff you will find on him is inspirational quotes to help you live your life with wisdom and transform it.

Like this quote, right here:

“Cast your eye beyond the horizon and let you vision impact the next generation. #BeTransformed #BeRenewed #EverythingJesus.”

We say, Amen to that!

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