Tanasha Donna Diamond
Tanasha Donna Diamond

Diamond Platnumz. No man has seen his bedroom exploits publicised quite like the Tanzanian superstar. His conquests are well documented and the women he has been involved with beyond one night stands have known heartbreak from the same.

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So how does Tanasha Donna manage to make herself stay with Diamond Platnumz? Think about it, at the end of the day while she might be loved up and Diamond is clearly making her happy, one cannot silence the voices at the back of the mind that quietly but persistently declare,

For now!

I for one do not want to see Tanasha Donna humiliated but the truth of the matter is that as Zari pointed out, a tiger doesn’t change its stripes and a cheetah never sheds its spots.

‘I see you get back to your old habits’ Zari warns Tanasha against Diamond

So what gives? Well, Tanasha responded to that needling question and she said this,

Mimi naangalia mtu vile uko sasa hivi, if you treat me good saa hii then we’re good. Lakini siwezi kuangalia sikuamini kwa sababu umefanya hivi, that’s your past. The reason I can’t judge him on his past is because it’s his past point blank period,”