The details of Harmonize’s contract have emerged and there is only one real way to describe it: a slave contract. Then again, Harmonize signed the contract being of sound mind so…

What is in the contract Well, if the details reaching us at Kiss 100 are anything to go by then Harmonize was meant to be at WCB records for 15 years! 15 years of his life, of his career, when he was sizzling hot to when he started to fade as all stars eventually do, Harmonize was meant to be at WCB!

We looked u how to void a contract which is what Harmonize is no doubt looking to do and what we found was this:

The term “void” means that the contract is not currently valid, and the parties are not held to its terms. A void contract is basically unenforceable. This can happen for several reasons, such as: The contract required one party to perform acts that are impossible or depend on impossible events.