Vanessa Mdee has revealed her thoughts on having kids and wedding.

For many women pushing 30, the marriage issue is one that bothers them greatly. Yes I know I am making assumptions but that is what I have observed. The women nearing this age go to great lengths to lock down a nig**.

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Not only that, having a child becomes a paramount issue for women close to this age. She spoke to Millard Ayo recently and spoke about her future plans.

According to Vee Money, she is still hoping to work on a few projects that will put her on the international stage as well as win a Grammy award. Because of this plans, she isn’t ready yet to have a child.

She went on to reveal that settling down will not be a big issue since she is in a serious relationship with Juma Jux.

The caption was:

“Mwimbaji @vanessamdee amekaa kwenye #OnAIRwithMILLARDAYO na kuongelea album yake, maisha, mapenzi na muziki. _ Vee amesema Mungu akijalia siku moja akaja kufunga ndoa, Sherehe yake itakua ya watu wachache na itakwenda kimyakimya na pia hatochangisha watu michango.”

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Her interview is below:

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