Diamond Platnumz admitted to the fact that he still checks up on his ex and baby mama, Zari Hassan.

That is how Diamond found out she is dating ‘King Bae’ and in a happy relationship.

“I’m happy that she is in another relationship,” Diamond said in an explosive interview on Wasafi FM.

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The bongo star claims that he has no hard feelings with his two children, Tiffah and meeting King Bae.

“I normally see clips of her bringing over her lover to spend the night. I see the clips with her boyfriend with my two children (meeting and interacting),” Diamond whispered, “To me that pure happiness because she is happy.”

He continued, “What matters to me is that she has a boyfriend who is a good uncle to my children.”

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Diamond revealed, he expected Zari to move on.

“When you break up with someone it doesn’t mean they have to be single. I’m cool (with Zari moving on). I don’t have a problem with that. At the end of the day when you park ways they are bound to move on.”

He even convinced his fans that “I’m happy Zari has moved on. Mostly because if she hasn’t she would have spent her time resenting me.”

He went a head to say he is happy with his relationship with Kenyan bae, Tanasha.

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