Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna finally revealed the name they gave their firstborn son as a couple.

Naseeb Junior, just like his father and his father’s father is the name they settled for and now we stop referring to him with pronouns. Tanasha posted a picture of her favourite men and tagged the baby’s name. He even has an Instagram page but ironically he is only at 68,000 followers.

Seeing as he is such a celebrity, he ought to be in his thousands. People are really invested in his life in as much as they are in his parent’s life.

Time really is flying. Yesterday Naseeb Junior celebrated 40 days already. A significant day for Muslims. The ceremony referred to as Aqiqah is when they slaughter an animal to celebrate the birth of their child sacrifice of one (for girl) or two (for boy). Aqiqah animals and meat are distributed to the poor and orphans.

We are not sure there will be a party but there ought to be. Nothing can stop them coz they have money and Diamond is on a tour break and Wasafi Festival already happened.

‘Only an idiot can do that!’ Tanasha produces documents to prove sons birth date

Either Tanasha or Diamond -I am more inclined to Tanasha- posted on Naseeb’s page as him saying,

Diamond and Tanasha’s son, Naseeb Junior celebrates 40 daysTurned 40 yesterday. Thank you, God, I’m blessed to be here, with that said…. I’ll be right back instafam. 👼🏽💞

Something else that caught my attention when it comes to the rules behind 40 days of an Islam child is that the mother should not leave the house or be seen out before those days are over.

Tanasha has failed miserably. She was out by day 20 something though she has obeyed when it comes to the child. Naseeb has been indoors and we have not seen his face yet.

She is also supposed to stay with her mother or her baby daddy’s mother for those 40 days and now that they are over, she might just be packing her bags back to Kenya.

Now that 40 days are over, there is hope we will finally see his face. Be sure Kiss100 will keep you posted in case there will be a party held for Nasseeb Junior.

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