Issa concert in Dubai and from the look of things, the concert-goers are in for a treat as Harmonize and diamond’s beef plays out through their music.

Harmonize banned from using his name and performing any song under WCB

And don’t get it twisted, there is a battle for supremacy so you know to expect a thrilling performce as each seeks to outdo the other. One has to wonder what sort of stunts they will each pull to outshne the other.

It should be remembered that Harmonize was asked to buy his way out of a 15 year contract that he had with WCB Records that saw him fork out several millions of Kshs.

Harmonize reveals he paid WCB and Diamond Kshs 24 Million to break the contract

Harmonize had to pay the cost to be the boss literally as he had to pay Diamond and WCB 24 Million shillings. And we aren’t talking Tanzanian money or whatever they call that monopoly game money of theirs. Here we are talking about Harmonize paying out 24 million Kshs!

So you had best believe Harmonize will want to one-up his former homie Diamond Platnumz.