Diamond’s mother, Sanura Naseeb or better yet, Kendra Michaels as she is known to many, married a man who was much younger than her, Rally Jones. When the relationship first made headlines, alot of detractors claimed that the younger man was only after her for her money and association with Diamond Platnumz. It didn’t help that shortly thereafter, he sired a child by another woman.

THat didn’t stop Diamond’s mother from walking down the aisle with Rally Jones though -well, the Islamic equivalent of that anyway:

Mama Diamond marries her boytoy after he cheats on her

Now it is coming to light that her in-laws, Rally Jones family despise her and loather the fact that she has married their kin. How do we know this? Well, Diamond’s mother took to instagram with a post celebrating her love and Rally Jones’ sister blasted her asking her to stop using their father’s name and to cease and desist associating herself with them.

Check out her caustic comment below:

Diamond’s mother gave a shout out to Shamte’s family and tagged one of them and the response that came in was fierce!

Umechanganyikiwa sasa sasa koma kumbabatiza baba yetu mtoto asie wake mwambie mbwa mwenzio akuambie jina la babake usimuweke karibu na damu yetu tena nasisitza tena kooma mjinga wewe usiejielewa unakazania iyo Shamte kama jina la babaako vipi kwan? Kwanini unafosi uonekane unakubalika ukweni wakati watu hawataki hata kuhusika ebu unanuniwa bado…