For all the great things Diamond Platnumz is known for, his biggest Achilles heel is his philandering. I am not a betting man but if you are one, then I would strongly recommend that you put the whole house, no, really, the entire house, on Diamond Platnumz cheating.

The only lover Diamond has had whom I never heard even a whisper about him cheating on was Wema Sepetu. But sine Wema and Diamond went their separate ways, he has been doing the most when it comes to cheating.
Diamond cheated on Zari, Hamisa and now it would seem he has been busy cheating on Tanasha Donna.

And to be fair, she was warned by Zari that Diamond wasn’t about to change for her and if Tanzanian blogs are to be believed, he has already gotten back to his usual bullshit.

Tanzanian blogs have allegedly uncovered Diamond Platnumz newest lover called Rose and you can see her below: