Diamond's dad, mum and the star
Diamond's dad, mum and the star

Bongo mega star Diamond Platnumz has to deal with his father’s public messages to him via the media.

Diamond has for a long time had a tumultuous relationship with his father, Abdul Juma.

Now, Abdul claims that he has given up on his fight with skin cancer and he is ready to die.

“Honestly, a time reaches when one loses hope to the point you feel it’s better to die because there’s no other option. My legs usually hurt so much, truly this is immense suffering,” Abdul said.

He also insinuated that since Diamond has not reached out to him for reconciliation, he will be greatly “troubled” when he dies.

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The only person taking care of him is his daughter, Zubeda – Diamond Platnumz half sister though, she is also constrained by limited financial resources.

The reason Diamond has a chilly relationship with the dad is because of abandoning and neglecting him when he was still a child.

Diamond at 6-years-old when he was abandoned by his dad (pictured with his mum in the background)
Diamond at 6-years-old when he was abandoned by his dad (pictured with his mum in the background)

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In a past interview, Diamond explained:

“While we might not have a connection, there are people who think I am at war with my father since they hardly see me with him in public. Others go as far as going to bringing my father to my gate and taking photos saying that I have locked him out of my home, which is unacceptable.”

Adding, “I, however, send him money, when he requests. I also send him money whenever he tells me he is ailing. However, living together under the same roof would be impossible. All my life growing up, he was never there for me. Why should I pretend that I am now ready to share a house with him?” 

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He continued, “We are still in touch with my father. I help him when I can but I do not have the same relationship as I do with my mother who I live with and travel with.”

Adbul told sections of the media that Diamond will be “heavily troubled” after he dies.

“I know Diamond hates me so much. And this is fuelled the more because I am still alive. After I die, he will be troubled. He would wish I was alive, but I would be long gone,” Abdul told Tanzania’s Ijumaa newspaper.

Meanwhile, Abdul’s legs risk being amputated if he fails to get urgent medical attention, a doctor has warned.

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