Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize keep denying that there are any tensions building up in Wasafi Records roster of stars (basically between the two of them). But the rumours have persisted and are becoming even louder.

Harmonize shows more signs he is ill-at-ease with Wasafi Records

Diamond, not one to leave inhouse issues to be dealt with inhouse, has put his issues with Harmonize front and centre when he decided to change the lyrics of his song Baila to address the way he feels about Harmonize.

He sang

Siunajuwa wanamuziki vitabia vyao wamejawa tamaa/ Na wale kina Harmonize wamajawa tamaa.

Harmonize is yet to respond but you can be sure he will. Why? Because the last time Diamond put out the fact that his girlfriend had cheated on him with Diamond’s ex-bodyguard Mwarabu fighter.

‘This is disrespectful!’ Harmonize shouts at Diamond

The two had worked on several songs together back when their relationship was more cordial and creativity fostered.