We were all pretty excited to see Diamond and Tanasha come out for the long-awaited EP, Donnatella.

The two jetted into the 254 on Thursday and were late for a press junket.

They had promised a press conference at 8 pm but came in at 11 pm, and while some media houses left after being kept waiting, others waited till late for the two to arrive.

They had promised media houses interviews but they failed to do so. That was red flag number one.

The EP launch took place Friday night, but those present noticed Diamond and Mbosso’s absence. A few minutes later, he updated his social media saying he suddenly had to leave Nairobi.

“Because of a problem at home that suddenly presented itself, I was forced to head back to Dar Es Salaam so that I can immediately solve it. I might come late for the Donnatella EP launch or even miss my loves launch in Nairobi. But everything will be recorded live on Wasafi TV for those at home, do not forget to watch it live🙏” DIamond posted.


According to sources who were present for the EP launch and a close friend to Tanahsa, Diamond claimed he had to leave because his mother had a heart attack. We all know manz loves his mother so even if I was Tanasha, I would grant him permission to leave ASAP.

‘2019 was a tough year’ Tanasha Donna on her relationship with Diamond Platnumz

Judging by her social media, 20 hours ago, Sandra Dangote was out looking enjoying the sunny weather back at home heading to her car smiling. It doesn’t look like someone who had a heart attack.

Now back to the event. Tanasha walked in with Eric Omondi who replaced Diamond for a few hours and went straight to be interviewed by Tanzanian media house. She ordered her bouncers to physically push Kenyan journalists away.

When she got into the venue, Tanasha collaborated with her PR team and told the restaurant providing food to only serve celebrities and media houses were snubbed.

Tanasha’s EP launch had a few Kenyan artistes who came to support her but the big question remains, why did Diamond have to leave?

Naseeb Junior was also around but she did not come with him to the event.

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