Let us start by acknowledging that the photos of Tanasha Donna’s baby that you have seen are all fake. Tanzanian microblogger, the_originaleast has exposed Mama Diamond for using a photo that she got off Google and passing it off as Tanasha Donna’s baby.

Queen Darleen leaks details on Diamond and Tanasha’s son

And it was simple really, she just did a reverse image search on the photo that Mama Diamond, Esma and the rest of Diamond’s family have been finessing people with. As to why Mama Diamond would lie to Diamond Platnumz fans is beyond me. But she did and was caught out.

And Tanzanians are not happy about being fooled either. Perhaps Mama Diamond did so to take the pressure off Tanasha Donna because lets face it, Tanzanian fans of the couple aren’t entirely blameless in all this as they had at some point gone as far as to kill the baby on these irritating internets:

Tanasha Donna’s baby is dead?! She responds to the rumour

Whatever the case may be, check out the photos that prove Mama Diamond lied to all of us below: