Diamond Platnumz and Ali Kiba

Diamond Platnumz has finally directly addressed Ali Kiba’s recent statement about him saying he wants Kiba to perform at Wasafi Festival.

Diamond Platnumz was speaking at his record label, Wasafi FM where he had gone to kick off his press run in an effort to market Wasafi Festival.

While there, he was asked what Ali Kiba’s recent rant was about. To understand what happened, allow me top give you the background.
Diamond Platnumz at a recent press conference announced that his management team has been working to try and get Ali Kiba to perform at Wasafi Fest.

Ali Kiba took exception to that and told his nemesis to keep his name out of his mouth.

During his interview, Diamond addressed the current stand off with Ali Kiba and explained that there is no beef. He holds no hate in his heart for Ali Kiba and even respects him as his elder who started in the Bongo music game earlier thus paving the way for the likes of Diamond. Check out what he said below: