Diamond Platnumz, Ali Kiba and now Harmonize have been locked in a battle for supremacy in Tanzania. Diamond Platnumz is backed by his record label and stable, Wasafi records (WCB), Ali Kiba is backed by his label, King Music and harmonize has also launched his own, Konde Music Worldwide, since leaving WCB.

These three are arguably heads above the rest of the Bongo fraternity and they got there through their hard work, amazing talent and fortune smiling upon them.

This then often brings about the question of who is truly in the lead between these three. Depending on whom you ask, you will get different answers. But for us to get to the bottom of the matter, we need to remember that men lie, women lie, Chim doesn’t lie. So I decided to delve into the facts, the statistics. And in music the easiest way to do so is to look at the analytics and the accolades amassed. And what do we find when we look at Diamond’s accolades?

  1. He has 8.5 million IG followers
  2. All his international collabos have 30 million+ views
  3. His record label has actually created stars -one of whom is Harmonize himself
  4. He has won all the continental accolades there are to win
  5. His entire family rode on Diamond’s coattails into stardom
  6. He owns a radio and TV station
  7. Diamond is the driver of alot of entertainment conversations in East Africa

When Ali Kiba and Harmonize get to these, then they will be winning but until then…