Most people know Lulu Diva for her rumoured relationship with Diamond Platnumz. What most people have forgotten is that just afew short months ago she was also linked to Starehe MP and singer Jaguar who made some rather disturbing xenophobic statements in the past:

Open letter to Starehe MP Jaguar: This is what your irresponsible xenophobic statements can cause

When that happened she even came out to defend her bae who at some point was rumoured to have gone down on one knee asking for her hand in marriage:

Jaguar’s Tanzanian lover comes to his defence over his xenophobic statements

But away from all that, she has recently grown to prominence after it was rumoured she was Diamond Platnumz new lover and that she was even pregnant by the Tanzanian star.

She has finally broken her silence and spoke to Dizzim Online about being linked to Diamond Platnumz incessantly and this is what she had to say:

Speaking to Dizzim Online, Lulu opened up claiming she will not be associating herself with such rumours since one day she will become a mum and is not willing to have her child read her ‘scandals’ in future.

People will always talk, what depends is how you react. I know that one day I will become a mum so that’s why I dissociate myself from these kinds of rumours. There are many scandals that I have been linked to and I don’t address them as they are