Nillan Naseeb finally turned three and boy didn’t his mother throw him a huge all-white party to celebrate his third birthday.

Before the party was planned, Zari had already started throwing shade at Tanasha whose son had just had a huge party to celebrate 40 days. Because we know a tthree-year-old cannot put up an Instagram post, his mother wrote on his behalf just before the party saying,

Ooopsy daisy, your lil man Riaz Nasibu Abdul The First aka Prince Nillan just turned 3đź’™

Back to the party. It was attended by close friends and family and the party revealed Zari has a lot of white friends.

She had it well planned for her son with amazing decors and they had been dressed so expensively for the big day.

From the pictures Zari shared of Nillna’s party, Diamond was nowhere to be seen and neither as anyone from his family present. He did not even post on his feed wishing his first son a happy birthday all he did was post an Insta story that only lasts for 24 hours.

Diamond Platnumz finally reveals Naseeb Junior’s face(PHOTO)

Of course, most of y’all missed it because South Africa is not around the corner but I gat you with pictures of how it went down below:

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