Diamond Platnumz has had a good chuckle at the expense of his political enemies, Harmonize and Ali Kiba. Diamond Platnumz, it must be admitted, has been running on a rather hot streak this 2019 and he owned the entire musical landscape to the point, the break in relations between him and his erstwhile ally and signee, Harmonize, did nothing to slow his roll. Infact, it could be argued that it simply fuelled Diamond Platnumz’ drive.

WCB manager gives an official statement on Ali Kiba performing for the Wasafi Festival

Diamond Platnumz recently held a huge concert in Tanzania, Wasafi Festival, that was just flames!. Ali Kiba was reportedly meant to have seen Ali Kiba and Harmonize perform but the issue that arose was that none of them wanted to promote Diamond’s platform. So Diamond called on his celebrity friends, Wizkid and Tiwa Savage for an assist and they came through.

Ali Kiba blasts Diamond Platnumz for lying that he would perform at Wasafi Festival

Anyway, Harmonize and Ali Kiba were meant to hold a concert and unfortunately, it would seem the fans weren’t gobbling up tickets, so they have had to slash the prices and when a fan commented on the fact, Diamond Platnumz was sure to drop in on the comment section to get his 7 chuckles in. And a giggle-fest it was for him!