Weh! Tanzanians are not playing around with come-we-stay marriages. And Diamond’s situation with Tanasha might become a liability. This is after Andrea Tsele, district commissioner (DC) in Ludewa, Njombe region, ordered the arrest and jailing of such couples.

Diamond’s sister Esma warns Tanasha against trying to separate the family bond

According to Bwana Andrea Tsele, such relationships had yielded many street children. He argued this as he gave a speech at a men’s conference in the district.

That logic is sound indeed.

I urge you to ensure that you formally tie the knot before planning to have babies. That (formalisation of marriages) happens in churches, mosques and the registrar of marriages office. And you (Ludewa police boss), I order you to arrest and oversee the prosecution of couples who are in come-we-stay relationships.

Tanasha Donna bows to pressure teases photo of her real child

You will find so many street children loitering around. The urchins come from families in which men and women decided to live together without a legally-binding relationship agreement. We want to reduce the number of street children. I, therefore, urge those in come-we-stay unions, and are yet to tie the knot to do so

And just incase you think we are pulling your leg, check out a video courtesy of Bongo 5 of Bwana Andrea Tsele pushing for men in come-we-stay marriages to be jailed. And thing is, if this catches on the Diamond will have no choice but to marry Tanasha because as T.I.D found out, there is no VIP in prison!