Diamond Platnumz and Ali Kiba

Diamond Platnumz has finally responded to Ali Kiba after he took some crazy shots at the former on social media.

Ali Kiba blasts Diamond Platnumz for lying that he would perform at Wasafi Festival

Yesterday Ali Kiba was breathing fire because Diamond had dared to allude that Wasafi Festival was trying to get him to perform in Dar es Salaam. Naturally, Diamond Platnumz has responded but rather than insult Ali Kiba in turn, he has simply mocked what he said in his rant against Diamond Platnumz.

Ali Kiba

Hawa Watauana, I swear! Ali Kiba And Diamond Platnumz Take Their Beef To The Next Level

Diamond Platnumz said,

Mmemskia anaelilia penseli??? Stress hizi.

In the past, Diamond Platnumz and Ali Kiba’s beef has played out publicly with them even being at the same funeral and Ali Kiba disrespectfully greeting Diamond Platnumz. So what is the source of their beef?

Diamond Platnumz has honest conversation about his enmity with Ali Kiba

According to Ommy Dimpoz, Ali Kiba was approached by Diamond Platnumz on advice about the song Lala Salama and he did more than that. He assisted with the beat selection and even contributed ad-libs and the song was dope. However, when the song appeared on Diamond’s album, he had deleted any Ali Kiba adlibs.

“Ali alifanya nyimbo ya Ukilala Lala Salama ya Diamond…Ali akamshauri aweke ad libs, akamwambia Ali aziingize hizo sauti…Nyimbo ikawa inasikika yaani vizuri unasikia zile hardlips za Ali, wakati ile album ya D inatoka D akaenda akatoa sauti za Ali akaingiza zake yeye.”