Diamond and Tanasha were set to walk down the aisle in February this year (on Valentine’s day) but postponed it to a yet to be identified date later this year.

We all thought The Great Gatsby 707 party was the day we will see Diamond go down on one knee asking Tanasha, the mother of his unborn son, to be his wife.

Shock on us all and Tanasha who went home just as a girlfriend and the only time he went down on his knee was when he was announcing a pregnancy we already knew.

Diamond Platnumz was questioned by the social media in-laws on why he did not propose and of course, he had an answer, he is an unpredictable man.

I love being unpredictable. I did not want my engagement to be in that place. I knew Tanzanian’s expected that but I wanted that day to be a special one for my mum and my love to celebrate. I will make that the engagement another separate function. And by the way, the baby shower is coming soon so the engagement will come because we have many functions coming up. 

We do hope this will actually happen because last time we were played. We thought Diamond and Zari were married but shock on us, there was no wedding. Well, according to Zari’s series of revelation.

In the past week, we have learned so much about the Kanyaga singer but Zari has asked us to give him the benefit of doubt. He might have learned from his mistakes and decided to be a changed man.

‘He brought women from the streets to my bed’ Zari on why she left Diamond

So let’s wait and see what Diamond and Tanasha have in store for us social media in-laws

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