I kif up! if anyone still wants to debate whether or not Diamond Platnumz is living his best life as the wealthiest East and Central African artiste is a foo!

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Diamond Platnumz is making bank and raking in loot. And he knows exactly how to spend his money. Nothing too gawdy like Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, but he does go in for gold just to set himself a tad above the best.

Haki wanamnyanyasa! Diamond Platnumz reveals how Tanzania’s tax authority are extorting him

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You see, Diamond Platnumz decided to get himself a Phillipe Patek Nautilus -classic watch for a classic gentleman. A simple steel Phillipe Patek nautilus would run you up North of 5 million shillings but Diamond decided he wants to sniff rarified air.

Diamond Platnumz explains why he never discloses details about his endorsement deals

So I did some research on how much the gold model of the watch costs and…

And that cost is before taxes!

Heavy pocket, heavy security. Diamond rolls with presidential security after cutting billion shilling deal