Diamond and Tanasha’s poor son does not know how much talk there is surrounding his life.

Since we have not been given the chance to see him through pictures, we are left with nothing but our imagination to guess what he looks like from what family and close friends have to say about him.

Diamond’s sister, Queen Darleen was given a call by an entertainment reporter asking her who the baby looks like. More of Diamond or Tanasha Donna.

“Just wait and see. you’ll know if he is a photocopy or not. in fact he cannot be stolen.  when the pictures come out you’ll be the judges. if he looks like the mother or the father. that is where you will gauge who is diamond’s child and who is not.” Queen Darleen says

We have seen all of the Yope hitmaker’s children and you can tell they truly belong to him because they are a copy and paste of the singer.

Diamond and Tanasha name Eric Omondi as their son’s godfather

Queen Darleen’s last statement is what got us thinking who could she be referring to? Because Zari’s children Tiffah and Nillan are no doubt his children. They look like him.

Now as for Daylan, many Tanzanians have said he does not have features of Diamond on his face. And many have said Nilan does not also look like the Tanzanian singer. Could Queen Darleen be talking about the two?

Let us wait and see Tanasha’s son and maybe then we can revisit this conversation.

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