Dear KOT, how many musicians do you know who are so popular and in demand that their concert is done twice after something goes wrong?

Yup, not many, apart from Diamond Platnumz.

According to details obtained by Kiss 100, he had to reschedule and perform twice for his audience.

Diamond’s first concert in Guinea, Conakry experienced some hitches, he made the decision to add another concert to his schedule.

And for both, the tickets were/are sold out. As big as the venue may seem to you, it was too small for Diamond’s fans.

During the first performance, he had to cancel the concert midway, as people with tickets could not get room inside. There was also no room to dance for those who managed to get in.

On his Instagram page, Diamond apologized and notified his fans of changes to make up for this problem.

Due to High Public demand at my GUINEA CONARKY🇬🇳 show last night and Lots of people could’t get the tickets to make it inside. and even those who managed to, unfortunately couldn’t even have legroom. the show had to be cancelled and out of respect & Loyalty to my fans WE ARE GOING TO DO IT AGAIN TODAY for the second time at the GUINEA CONACKY National stadium…🏟…THANK YOU ALL FOR THIS KIND OF LOVE! I truly appreciate it, every breathing day of my life!……
(Kutokana na Mahudhurio makubwa kwenye show yangu ya jana hapa GUINEA CONARKY hadi kupelekea wengine kukosa tickets. na kushindwa kuingia uwanjani kutokana na kukosa hata walioingia pi kukosa hata pa kueka mguu… imebidi show ya jana iishie njiani, na kulazimika kuifanya leo kwa mara ya pili tena. Uwanja wa Taifa wa Hapa Mjini GUINEA CONAKRY…Hakika Mungu ni Mwema na Muziki wetu Umekua, Nawashkuru wote kwa Sapoti na Mapenzi yenu ya dhati kwangu🙏🏾 …… #TanzanianBoy🇹🇿#SIMBA#SIMBAinGUINEACONAKRY🇬🇳#Africa#Afrobeats#Wasafi#Wcb4Life Na #NitakukeraZaidi

Maybe the Guinea government needs time to build a bigger venue that can hold more people? The concert will happen in April. the date to be announced later.

The tickets are sold out.

This is what Diamond told his fans

“Mama, the WORLD is now singing to Swahili Words”😭#BABALAO…..Due to Security reasons we could not be able to do the Day 2 Event in GUINEA CONAKRY..and it’s been arranged to take a place around April at the National Stadium…More info about the date will be announced soon……⛽💣#SIMBAinGUINEACONAKRY🇬🇳#TanzanianBoy🇹🇿#SIMBA # #Africa

This is how much Africa loves Diamond and of course, his songs. But with this West African country, this love is above and beyond.