Diamond’s father, Abdul Naseeb Snr is a happy man now that his son has many children from multiple women. Infact, to him, this is proof that Diamond really is his son because the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Diamond Platnumz father too is a rolling stone and according to him, everything about Diamond, from his flashy dressing to his love of chains is proof that he did indeed pass something onto his son.

I was wearing such things even before Diamond was born. I used to sell them. They are not new to me. When you see Diamond do these things, it automatically comes from me.

And he started by speaking about the fact that when Diamond was with Wema Sepetu, he was unable to get a child with her but since he moved on, he has been getting many children,

Naseeb wasn´t successful in getting a child with Wema and people talked about him. They said his cassava was not working. He has now gotten kids and people are still talking. People will always talk and you cannot stop them.

Talk about not wanting your father to be proud of you for such a reason.