Maybe it is a trend, like all the other Jeje challenge videos, but Diamond Platnumz posted a video of Hamisa Mobeto dancing to his latest song Jeje. No alarms raised. Hamisa is one of Diamond’s famously known ‘ex-girlfriend-wives’

Coronavirus aside, Diamond and Tanasha Donna made the chats just a few weeks ago with their break up. Wasn’t nasty, just full of buzz and so much to talk about. Yeah, so long story short, Diamond and Tanasha Donna broke up and now they’re both single.

Maybe courtesy, maybe being hung up on exes, but Diamond Platnumz, the famous Jeje artist posted a video oh Hamisa swaying to his latest hit song Jeje. Okay, maybe Hamisa is just among the many ladies he has been posting dancing along to his song Jeje.

β€˜I’ve known him for long’ Hamisa reveals details on her relationship with Diamond

But this all idea proves controversial because, first off, he just broke up which means he is single. And secondly, Hamisa is his ex-girlfriend which means, they shared fweelings! nothing insinuated though.

Hamisa was wearing a cute red dress and looking amazing while saying to his ex-lover’s new hit song. Support support! she was enjoying herself and vibing to this worldwide hit song.

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