Diamond Platnumz is nothing if not open. The guy who is Tanzania’s biggest export to East Africa always speaks his mind and damned be consequences.

The bodyguard Diamond Platnumz accused of sleeping with Harmonize girlfriend finally speaks

If Diamond finds out you have been cheated on, that news will make its way into a song about cuckoldry. Just ask Harmonize about how Diamond Platnumz announced to the world that his woman, Sarah Michelotti had cuckolded him:

‘This is disrespectful!’ Harmonize shouts at Diamond

Diamond Platnumz however, is an equal opportunity snitch. He dishes out TMI on many people indiscriminately. This time, Tanasha was on the receiving end of his loose lips.

As we told you earlier, today he decided to chill at home with her and the baby and as they were chilling, Diamond Platnumz whipped out his phone and started recording her saying she is still sisi even if she just gave birth. That means she is still a beautiful girl in Diamond’s eyes even after she just gave birth.

Diamond did so in the usual flawless Swahili these Tanzanians speak and you can just see how Tanasha was lapping it all up:

I can only wonder whether these are the same sweet words Diamond Platnumz used to tell Zari…