The question on everyone’s lips has been, “Why did Diamond Platnumz miss out on Queen Darleen’s wedding?” Some believed it was due to his own domestic issues, others like myself believed it was because Queen Darleen and her man, Isihaka Mtoro, was a shotgun wedding. That is why I believe even Esma Platnumz was absent.

‘He has never taken me to his home’ Queen Darleen after get married as wife number two

And it would seem I am not the only one who believes this to be true as Tanzanian media I have learnt, also believe she rushed the wedding as she is pregnant by her husband. Queen Darleen was, however, quick to quash the allegation saying,

Queen Darleen leaks details on Diamond and Tanasha’s son

Kuhusu ujauzito, hilo si kweli. Sina mimba. Nawashukuru kwa kunitakia kheri, ikitokea basi Inshallah.

Rumours regarding the fact that her co-wife has asked for a divorce notwithstanding, Queen Darleen chose to focus on the question of why Diamond wasn’t present at her wedding.

She revealed that she discussed her impending wedding with Diamond who expressed an immense desire to be at Queen Darleen’s wedding but she was adamant about keeping her timelines and Diamond had to go on tour. Queen Darleen, however, did reveal that he gave her his blessings to wed.