Zari Hassan is the envy of most women in East Africa.

Just after ending her relationship to Diamond, so many people thought she would never find love. Well jokes on them because she found a man who can make her happy 24/7.

Zari has been posting on her social media pages about living her best life that includes riding in Rolls Royces, to receiving expensive gifts and flowers. Something we never saw Diamond doing for her.

To add to all that, manz decided to dedicate a whole poem to Zari just to express his love for her and how much she means to him.

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan

I quote:

you give me a glimpse of the rest of my life as it should be. you’re a script that needs no editing. You are everything I admired in different people compacted into one you’re a person I am willing to entirely surrender unto in my sobriety with zero reservations and no hidden agendas. you have a beautiful character, charisma presence and appearance. you’re the answer to my biggest prayer. I’m fully devoted to you with no doubt whatsoever. I admire your entire family as well, I love you

‘He goes big!’ Zari Hassan brags about her new man’s capability

Clearly, this man is the whole package. From the gifts to the words and accepting her children from another man.

That is every single mother’s dream, to find a man who will love and accept her with what they call ‘baggage’.

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