Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna were having issues. That much isn’t up for debate as much as whether or not the weather we are currently experiencing is due to global warming.
But Chim, I can almost hear you ask incredulously, do you tuck the couple in at night? How do you know what is happening in their bedchamber? Well, my naive friend, the answer to your question is alittle more complicated than you think -and I do not want to explode your coconut.

Miserable Christmas: Tanzanian media report Diamond-Tanasha watengana

But back to the lecture at hand, and perfection is expected as we discuss the recent social media exchanges between the two lovers. The choice of video that was shared was a very pointed one. In it, a man with a spear run right through his body runs back to his woman who chooses to impale herself on that very spear rather than live on in a world without her man… Yeesh. That got dark very fast.

Why to me this is a very heavy message other than the forboding tied to it, is because it is a declaration that though they acknowledge the troubles life has been throwing their way but they have elected to stick together.

Fire burn! Zari will be happy to hear there is MAJOR trouble between Diamond and Tanasha

That declaration is Diamond acknowledging his weaknesses (perhaps of the flesh) but letting her know that he will always come back to her. And Tanasha is showing her willingness to receive his battered body and either nurse him back to health or die upon his pyre with him.