There has to be something in the air!

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I have on my gas mask just incase

Hardly had I finished chronicling just how Adelle Onyango gave Jalang’o a hard tackle:

Then I look up and find that Diamond’s rumoured clande had also taken a savage swing at Zari. I have to say I am in awe of Diamond Platnumz who seems to have something he gives his women (even the “female friends”) that makes them attack each other rather than him.

tanasha Diamond

Woman accused of sleeping with Diamond behind Tanasha’s back responds

Everything unfolded on your timeline but incase you missed it, it is all gone now. Worry not, we took notes knowing full well we would be sharing this stuff with you.

Adelle Onyango hard tackles comedian Jalang’o over his femicide remarks

but I will say that this one I believe is a bit of a stretch. Unless ofcourse sister here patented the hairstyle.

Zari’s real age revealed after passport leaked