This beef clearly runs deep but who can blame members of a family siding with one of their own when beef erupts?

You see, Diamond and Ali Kiba have had a long-standing beef. And just when guys thought it was done and dusted, it simply froze over and became the cold war we saw it play out right before our eyes at the funeral of a Tanzanian socialite.

Since then, most entertainment pundits have lost all hope that it might thaw out and we will see the two humongous artistes collaborate on a track.

It would seem the two have also involved their families in their beef. Recently, Diamond’s sister, Queen Darleen gave an interview and it touched on her willingness to work with Ali Kiba and while she could have kept her answer short with a simple no, she instead sad this:

“I don’t remember when I spoke to Ali Kiba. Back then we were young and things have changed, everyone has their own life now. Why should I perform old songs while I have new tracks?