Diana Bahati

The baby bump patrol has unveiled a theory. They claim that Diana Marua is expecting baby number two.

A very observant fan pointed out that of late, Bahati’s wifey has been wearing loose fitting clothes.


Adding that her camera angles and how she opts to pose point towards someone who is trying their best to hide the midriff.

A source close to the family whispered that the couple is expecting their second child.

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“Yes, Diana is on her second trimester. She is excited and cannot wait,” the source revealed.

Apparently, their current trip to Dubai was “a babymoon for the couple to hang out and get to relax before the baby arrives.”

In one Instagram photo, Diana posted the caption,

“Sometimes I look back at my life and tell God, thank you for the valleys, the deserts, the wilderness, the dark shadows, the pain… because all this has made me master the art of being grateful, thankful and appreciative of what my life has turned out to be.”

Adding, “Don’t be afraid of the place you are right now if it’s not working out for you, be thankful because soon it will become a testimony.”

Diana continued, “Appreciate all seasons of your life because every day is a gift, another chance to make it count. Never stop hoping, believing and trusting.”

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Here are some comments from Instagram-in-laws.

linahgikaru: @gracey_kimani I also noticed coz she was having a very flat tummy and now her stomach is bulging…, congrats to her if she is really pregnant❤️

@linahgikaru we can bet.. this must be a babymoon trip

linahgikaru: @eve.wambui I guess so too😊

@lyndera8 can she be pregnant Na anyamaze 🤔🤔.

Anyhow, Here are photos showing Diana Marua hiding her baby bump from the glaring eyes of the Instagram-in-laws.