From when little girls are old enough to watch TV, they all want to be the princess. That is why that trope is so common in little girl parlance. I know because I have a daughter. And no day allows a woman to be a princess quite like her wedding day.

‘I married one wife!’ Bahati and Diana Marua’s big fight(VIDEO EVIDENCE)

Diana Marua knows this to be true because she just revealed that her prayer to God was for her to be married by the time she was 30.

And glory be to God that she met Bahati just in time to make this dream a reality and when she did, she settled down from being a crazy party animal to being a wife and mother.

Bahati Diana Marua

Meet Diana Marua’s bestfriend whom she abandoned when she met Bahati and got saved

Below is what she said about her desire to settle down and be someone’s wife:

Today, I’ve stepped into the 3RD DECADE OF MY LIFE! I’ve never felt so certain and sure about the purpose that God has called me to live for. My prayer was to have a settled life and a family before this day and for sure, everything I ever wished for unfolded in God’s perfect timing. As I take time to relax, enjoy and meditate about my life, I have soo much to thank Him for, the things that worked and didn’t work out in my life, they’ve sharpened me to be who I am today. I’ve made many mistakes, I’ve learnt alot of lessons, no regrets; however, what matters most is the chance I have to breathe again and make everyday count. 30 has never looked soo promising and to have my ride or die by my side, one thing I’m sure of is that we will move mountains together, God is taking us to levels full of abundance just to reveal His glory through us. Babe, Thank you for making my life beautiful for assuring me everyday that nothing is impossible if I put my mind on it. This day will always be in my memory and I thank God He picked the best for me. The father to my amazing kids, I love and appreciate you everyday day of my life! To many more Birthdays by your side is my prayer to God. Let’s continue doing life together @bahatikenya ❤🙏 I’m Having an experience of a lifetime thanks to our no. 1 travel and booking company @bonfireadventures peweni ya macho please and to @sarova_hotel , thank you for the exceptional services, #SarovaLionHill is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL, I’m definitely planning to bring my kids here 😍👌