Bahati Diana Marua
Bahati Diana Marua

Diana Marua has come to the realization that dating and eventually marrying a superstar opens you up to undue scrutiny. Such is the life of a public figure that has necessitated Diana Marua develop a thick skin.

‘She was smelling of alcohol’ Bahati exposes Diana Marua

She recently recounted just how hard the adjustment from a nobody party girl to dating one of Kenya’s biggest celebrities was and what a culture shock she faced in her own country.

She spoke about the cyberbullying she faced doubtless from jealous women who wanted to stand by Bahati’s side in her stead:

Bahati Diana Marua

Meet Diana Marua’s bestfriend whom she abandoned when she met Bahati and got saved

I remember sometime back negativity really used to get to me. You know cyber bullying, people who say trash about you and I remember it got to a point when I used to cry myself to sleep. I even used to go to my hubby and tell him I cannot do this anymore.

But with time God gives you the grace cause it reached to a point where I said this is the life I chose and whatever I do people are going to attack me.