Bahati Diana Marua
Bahati Diana Marua

Diana Marua was a lass with a completely different life to the one she currently leads after meeting and settling down with Bahati.

Back while she was still a single (unmarried) lass, Diana Marua was something of a party lass. She was linked to Victor Wanyama whom she had gone to visit while he was still a Southampton football player:

Diana Marua used to get upto all sorts of shenanigans with her then partner in crime, a lass by the name Marisa Risa. The two were inseparable until at some point, they weren’t. They used to party at 1824 like there was no tomorrow and then some!
Check her out below. See Diana Marua’s former bestfriend whom she dumped and abandoned like rancid porridge:

Just kidding, these are her TBTs. Below is how she currently looks: