You are either the type of person who is fashionable or the type of person with a sense of style. And it is pretty simple to tell where you lie.

If after a year you have a lot of clothes you can no longer wear because they aren’t the rage anymore then you are fashionable. Or to put it as more fashion conscious people have explained it, fashion is what is on offer to be worn at a particular time period. It’s a fad. When you follow fashion, you are in a perennial comparison mode. You want to rock what everyone else considers cool and trendy. You buy name brands, you shop at all the popular spots that carry what’s in season and you want to dress like the celebrities you see on TV and in music videos.

When you’re stylish, you are a bit more chill about trends. You get inspiration for what you wear in its utility, styling and how well it goes with another garment. The brand you build for yourself is one that lets everyone know you are the centre of your own focus. An internal locus.

I am not here to pontificate about which approach is better; being fashionable or being stylish. Both have their drawbacks. Fashion is expensive while style is time-consuming. Each has a drawback and each has its advantage. That said there are several celebrities who exemplify what I am talking about:

Bahati is a fashion hound. He prefers rocking the latest from the name brands.

An example of a guy who is stylish is Nic Mutuma:

At the end of the day, the day ends. And you will be alone with your own thoughts. Do whatever you need to do to make yourself happy -barring doing something illegal.