Nameless and Wahu decided to host the Wests -no, not Kanye and Ki Kadarshian West but Vivian and Sam, her husband.

Nameless and Wahu aren’t hosting their first dinner with an artist or celebrity. The last time we saw them have dinner with a celeb, it was with Yoweri Museveni’s mortl enemy, Bobi Wine.

Nameless and Wahu host Bobi Wine for dinner (PHOTO)

Nameless and Wahu seem to be growing into a new role within Kenya’s entertainment scene and it is a beautiful thing to watch unfold. They seem to be hosting other artistes at their pad for dinner.

As I said earlier, this time round they hosted Vivian and her husband Sam West and from the look of things, the conversation and meal were filling. Wahu took to her Ig to share the following message about dinner:

Ok…. 1st of all…. @namelesskenya and @vivianne_kethis is why people fail exams.. Nilisema mwanzoni… if you were on this table…. 🤫🤫.. see your lives na!!! 😑😑. But that said, thank you so much @samwestke and @vivianne_ke for being our dinner guests jana… we truly enjoyed the company and the positive conversation as always 😊😊. And thank you @alpha_households for helping me impress my wagenis! although the 1st thing my husband did when I brought out the dishes is to say “Ala! Hizi ni gani tena?” Like seriously babe… saa zingine mtu huflow tu na situation alafu you ask me later .. 🤦🏾‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️.. Ladies, do your men sell you out like this? Ama ni mimi peke yangu 😂😅

Whereas Nameless had the following to say about their dinner:

Dinner last night with the Wests! … Great conversation about PURPOSE and spirituality… But that’s not the point of this picture.. The point is that I Just wanted to clarify that the doll in the foreground is not a voodoo illuminati sacrifice, ni doll ya Kio ilijipata inalala juu ya Meza… Sawa? 🧐🧐 Nawajua wengine wenu na usoro. #dishesZaWageniZimetolewaaaa #hiyoniMaziwakwaglass😇