Tanasha is on all the entertainment headlines following her break up with the famous Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platnumz.

A parody account on Twitter using the handle, @TanashaDonaa posted a tweet telling fans that it is not the child’s fault that Tanasha and Diamond separated.

The two just recently broke up and have been trolled by many on social media. Tanasha has constantly posted her emotions to her fans through her social media pages. Comments have been made too.

The famous Gere singer is now forced to raise her son alone as her baby daddy is no more.

Rumours of the reason for the break up has been widely discussed by everyone and their aunt. None of them has really confirmed the reason for the breakup.

All in all, Tanasha’s parody account says the child is not to blame for the separation. But fans will always be fans. They had hilarious comments on this tweet made by Tanasha.

As Tanasha is sobbing, this is what Diamond is up to after their breakup

They were all up on her telling her that she will be getting funds from Diamond to raise the child and so she has nothing to worry about.


One hilariously commented,

diamond ‘the father of nations’ will be sending you some good money to raise the child, together with my 4k monthly pocket money we can make a happy family. nimekubali majukumu.

Another fan told her that she should go so they can raise the child together and spend the child support funds together.

kujee tulee uyo mtoto na ile child support utakuwa unatumiwa

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