As the rest of the Kenyan male folk flocked to the #MensConference19, DJ Mo stayed true to his wife, Size 8.

He spent Valentine’s Day with her.

Actually, he told a fan that he cannot go for the #MensConference19 because he has plans with wifey.

This, of course, prompted the tweep to ask if he is under house arrest.

DJ Mo is yet to respond.

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Here is the screenshot of that convo.

However, in an unrelated post, DJ Mo shows us mere mortals how he spent his Valentine’s day.

He went bike riding with his wife.

“Love can be simple yet great … happy valentine’s day my love @size8reborn 😍 #TheMurayas,” DJ Mo wrote.

Size 8 also posted a similar photo and wrote:

“Haijalishi kama uko na mali ama hauna…uwe juu ya bike, ka tuktuk ama range rover (It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, riding a bike, a tuktuk or driving a range rover). All you need is genuine love from the one you love.”

Adding, “Mr Muraya, I love you so much. You love me and support me always regardless of anything. You are my joy my heart’s delight. We don’t need money to enjoy wacha company. My love thank you for standing with me wow the love of my life you are. Love you @djmokenya.”

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Here are photos posted showcasing how their Valentine’s was.

DJ MO Size 8 Valentines DJ MO Size 8 Valentines DJ MO Size 8 Valentines

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