Grace Ekirapa and DJ Mo

DJ Mo has been married to Size for quite some time now and they are blessed with a baby, Ladasha.

Netizens have many times claimed that there’s an undeniable chemistry between him and his TV partner Grace Ekirapa. Even photo galleries have been made to prove that the two would make the perfect couple.

Grace Ekirapa and DJ Mo

Well, the truth is he loves his wife too much and is satisfied with her so for him and Grace its all about work but they are good friends. Period.

Grace is a good friend of mine and we work together. I always clap for those who claim we match and actually laugh about it because we know it is just our chemistry that is good

As a media personality, he says he loves the comments but it does not get to him because he has never cheated on his wife.

Grace Ekirapa and DJ Mo

He is so confident about the fact that he dared anyone who claims he has cheated with them to come forward.

If there is anyone I have ever cheated on Size 8 with, let them come and say that I have cheated with them.

Even with all the negativity, DJ Mo says it plays a role in growing his brand. The more they talk the more people will tune in to watch. And numbers is what he wants.

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Grace Ekirapa and DJ Mo

Rumors are good because they help us grow in the industry.

So there you have it, it is all for the job.

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