DJ Sadic may be one of the cutest men we have in Kenya but he is no exception to the social media realities.

He took to social media to express disappointment men go through after meeting the girl they’ve been eyeing on social media.

With all the filters social media has, one can be scammed thinking someone looks all so glorious kumbe, kwa ground things are different.

Sadic posted a picture of him looking stressed on his iPhone 11 max pro and captioned,

When you finally meet her in person but she looks nothing like them pics on Instagram and you wanna take your likes back 😂😂😂

Clearly manz has seen it all.

‘All my friends are ballerz!’ DJ Sadic shows off his wealth

He has been named by many writers as one of the most handsome and well-dressed celebrities in Kenya. In a nutshell, he is a ladies man so many women flock his DM.

Now that he has learned his lesson, I do not know what avenue he will take to look for a wife if he is not dating yet. Last we checked he was hooked to Olive Karmen, Kenyans best female drummer though they have never really addressed their relationship.

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